Online visibility

It is generally accepted that we are ‘sharing’ in the same space, because of internet.Online visibility could be different for each person.

I prefer use Facebook and Instagram to share my life, I usually like to share some funny videos rather than what i do today, I think most of people want to watch more interesting and meaningful stories rather than yourself. Also my profile is open, everyone can see that. I think that is fine for me and is also a good way to know and communicate with others.

I would like to play some online game, for example the League of Legends  and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with you rank up it is also can let more people know you , once i was playing the game when someone saw my name he immediately notices that it was mine.That is  very interesting,and next time you can play with them.

However, you personal information is open, it could have more risk, your account can be hacked even your credit card, so i won’t share any issues related to privacy. Instagram is a good place to sharing, because it can not chat with each other,you only can leave the comment under the picture. It is a good and safe stage to show yourself.





































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