Online visibility


As far as online visibility goes, I think that is a personal choice. Personally I choose to keep my identity online moderate.

I can be found on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedln, Snapchat, Tumblr. Although I do not use all of the social media platforms equally. For example I choose to keep myself quite private on Facebook, I usually use it to communicate with my friends, doing group work, sharing information in private groups. I do not put my personal information, apart from the information required. On Instagram I tend to be more active, however I only usually post photos of events, my friends, things that I find interesting. I do not usually tend to post photos of myself, therefore I feel like that keeps my privacy intact. Also my Instagram is on private, therefore I can choose whom I’m sharing my photos with.

Personally I feel that a big part of my personal information is under my control, I can not say all of it is, because for example on Facebook they ask for some particular personal information that you have to put in while registering. However most of my personal information is private.



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  1. We definitely do have a lot of control over our online visibility. We put out what we want people to see. We can essentially make our lives seem amazing without anyone knowing the personal details. We can make people think they know what we do or what kind of person we are but they’ll never know unless they meet you in person. We can track habits and travels of someone through metadata, but we cant follow what they’re truly feeling. You have to choose to post that. With out posting personal details about yourself you can become just a number in the online world. Which makes us only physically visible without a name.


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