Online visibility

As most of us did here, I also googled my name. Luckily not much did come up. Facebook and my recently created LinkedIn profile.

There are no people that share the same name combination as me (or they are not online), just maybe my first name or family name. The most surprising thing that I discovered is an old Myspace profile which I thought I deleted ages ago. There is no information on that profile nor any ‘friends’ I was following, just an empty profile with an old picture. The irritating thing about that is that I have no idea how to delete is as I forgot the email and password.

The privacy settings on my Facebook are quite high so people can see only my profile picture and that’s it. I am very private with my data so I do not accept random people even if we have a mutual friend. My moto is, if we are not friends in real life, I do not want you to be part of my online life, therefore, I do not want you to be able to see what I share with my friends.

Said that, I do not think that my data is private just because of the settings. Facebook knows what I like as well as what I google and sells my data to advertisers who then annoy me with personalised ads.



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