Now you see me, now you don’t

I have an account for almost every social network, does this mean I am visible online? Definitely not. I don’t share anything on Facebook, I just (very rarely) change my profile picture so that at least I have the same hair colour in it that I have at that moment. But I stopped posting in general around 2011, I just rely on my friends and events photos to post some photos with me in them so that people can at least know that I am alive.

With my Instagram account (which is not connected to Facebook, of course) I feel like I can post whatever I want and show pictures of the restaurants and places around Europe that I love the most, but not pictures with me in it since a lot of people who don’t know me personally follow me there and I don’t think that they would care, so I really don’t have any interest in posting them.

On Twitter I share everything, but I also don’t tell my username to everyone I know so I know what I can write or not.

I believe I have control over the information that people can find about me, by not having many accounts with my name and surname even a future employer wouldn’t find me where I don’t want to be found.




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