My Online Visibility


Just like most people from my generation, I am pretty active on social media. I do not use all of them equally, as I prefer Instagram and Snapchat to Twitter and Facebook. On Facebook I keep my profile on private and I do not accept people that I don’t know or have many mutual friends with. I first made my Facebook account 6 years ago and I have been using it less and less as time goes by. Currently there isn’t much information about me that could be found there as I only share my pictures. I don’t post any statuses or current locations. However, if anyone was to look at my profile that would be my family and friends, which I don’t mind. When speaking to my friends it seems like most of us agree that Facebook has become the social media site for family and friends and it is more private compared to other social media.

In terms of Twitter, I had an account for many years, but I never actually liked using it to share personal information. The only time I use it is when I want to be updated on recent topics and the media response to them or to see what my favourite celebrities and friends are tweeting about. There isn’t anything personal about me that could be found on Twitter other than a profile picture and a few general tweets now and then.

When it comes to Snapchat and Instagram I am way more active and I share much more information. My Snapchat account is on private but I tend to accept almost everyone that sends me a request. Thinking about it, I share almost everything that happens to me during the day. From what I had for breakfast, to getting on the cab and going to whatever location I am heading to. I post my thoughts, my pictures, my family members, my home, my date of birth and almost everything I do! It is risky to share that much information, but I feel like with Snapchat you have more control over who has access to your information. The app allows you to see who is watching your posts, who has screenshot them and how many views you have in total. That makes it more relaxing that you still have some control over it as well as the fact that everything you share today will be gone by tomorrow.

On Instagram I am very active as I have been using it for years now. I remember starting with 10 followers and now I have 10K people watching my posts and following what I do. I don’t have my profile on private and all my posts are easy to access by everyone. Having many followers on the app helps you towards branding yourself, networking and even getting money! Due to the amount of followers I have, companies have contacted me to promote for them and have sent me free products and paid me to share a picture of their brand! The disadvantages however, are that I have seen people making fake profiles and using my name and pictures, for God knows what purposes which is very frustrating! I have also seen pages sharing my pictures and getting all the likes an comments without tagging me and giving me the credit I deserve.

I guess everything has advantages and disadvantages and it is up to us to decide how we want to share our information with the public and be aware of how that could affect us positively or negatively.




  1. That is amazing that you have such a presence on Instagram! Is it weird knowing that so many of your followers have no idea who you are? What kind of things do you post that interest so many people? I feel like if I had 10k followers I would be much more hesitant to post anything with my face in it, just because you know so many strangers will be seeing it.


    • well, I usually posts selfies, food, my holidays and pictures of my outfits. People seems to like my page, but you are right is a bit crazy knowing that so many people are watching you but at the same time is okay because they don’t know me personally or where I live etc. Sometimes I go to a shopping centre and I see people and they are like hey, I know you from Instagram, haha is funny!


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