Loose Women shock tactics

To me, online visibility is something that is discussed on Loose Women to scare mums. “Ooh imagine what they’re getting up to online! Goodness gracious!”

In reality, we are all very aware that we need to keep our personal details exactly that, personal. Minus the occasional young person showing off their new customised Barclays bank card on instagram..

..we understand that we have to keep some elements of our lives undiscoverable.

Our names and our date of birth are information that is personally associated with us, but I would not regard it as personal information in the sense that it is critical we protect it from prying eyes. All of this information we make visible without a second thought, which is fine, because if somebody really wanted to find it out they could very easily without the use of the internet.

Our home towns, schools and places of work are all visible from our Facebook profiles. Relatively harmless information. If you have a car and post pictures of it, people know your registration number – perhaps a bit more concerning. More important to protect yourself is to destroy all correspondence from your bank.

At what stage does the information that is visible to others online become a threat to our security and safety?

On a side-note, people take online visibility to very odd extremes. For example, why even bother having a twitter account if you’re going to make it private? There is no logic in that.




  1. i couldn’t agree more with the points you are making. Although that social media does allow us to be very open about events in our lives we some of us don’t know when to stop or don’t think things through before posting; your credit card example demonstrates this perfectly. Some find it hard to find a balance between sharing everything to being so private that their profiles don’t really have a purpose.It is our duty to monitor our posts and whether the content is deemed fit to share with the rest of the world because who knows who is really watching.


  2. I feel like what you have said about if you post a picture your car with its registration number it starts to become a bit concerning with visibility online can illustrate how it is down to what we post, sometimes, is what can be concerning for our visibility and security online as people will post a picture of a car without thinking of the consequences if the registration plate is shown. It does ultimately go down to finding the right balance of what should be posted and what shouldn’t be.


  3. We have two types of people. One is poeple who are careless and way too “excited” to care about the consequences and eager to show off what they got without taking off personal information (oops). Imagine how creepy if there is some might be stalking and watching every movement of you online. On the other hand, some people are just being too protective, what’s the point of getting online and be invisibe. So it’s all about your awareness and privacy setting.


  4. I would not say that we are all aware that we should keep our personal details personal. Unless someone creates a Facebook account just to follow The Guardian or the BBC page, everyone encounters someone who overshares.
    I am not only talking about details such as bank accounts or cars, but also “personal” information that someone else would not want to be posted, like teenagers having rants about their mothers or a mother of three sharing articles about oral sex even if she has her sons’ teachers as friends.


  5. I couldn’t agree more with you. At the end, it all comes to us and what we want to post online. I personally think that to some degree you have the power and also the responsibility about what personal information you share. The media nowadays, like everything else tries to exaggerate the privacy issue. If you do not want to share anything then do not go online, do not make profiles on social networks and you will be relatively “safe”.


  6. I personally haven’t seen people posting their bank cards without at least blurring the numbers.. and also I think that having a Twitter account on private isn’t a bad idea if all you want to use it for is to follow the posts of your favourite celebrities and tweet with your friends. In that case I don’t see an harm.


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