How visible are you online?


It’s amazing what you can find out about someone on the internet. Before the internet’s invention, the only way to snoop on someone would be to read about them in a biography/auto-biography, a newspaper or maybe snaps that they had taken using their film camera?

Since joining University, I have made myself extremely visible on the web, across all social media platforms. This is because of the type of work that I am chasing. As a budding Radio presenter, I think it is important to be across all of these networks and by hiding something, will make an employer think “what have they got to hide?”

When “Googling” myself (other search engines are available :D), you come across the following social media profiles of mine: LinkedIn, Twitter, SoundCloud, My own website (why is this not at the top!), Audioboom and Instagram.

Funny enough, Facebook does not appear on the list, but in some ways, I am kind of glad about this because I use Facebook more for family and close friends, therefore I would prefer businesses and employers not to have direct access into this system – I think I may lock down this platform to friends only, once I have finished this post. But will an employer then think I am hiding something?







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