Online Visibility

Do I have control over what people see of me online? No

Do I think I have control over what people see of me online? Yes

Broken down pretty simply that is how I see this situation. Where it has been discussed the people ‘kill people based on meta data’, aka, the data and information about us we never see but can be seen by the powers that be is a scary thought.

I can tell myself all I like that there are certain fields of information I have not filled in on Facebook, so no one knows that about me. However this can’t be where it ends. I have never told Facebook I like the motorsport, but some one somewhere knows I do, because I get a million adverts a day about it. Via what you like, click on and do, the information you choose to with hold is eventually drawn out of you.

So do we have any control at all?

Not control, be we have to make a decision. Do we want to let people we don’t even know have access to our information, or is social media that important? In my opinion the only way to have control over your online visibility is to not have a profile online at all. Do you agree? and is it worth being at that much of a disadvantage through not using the internet just to control your own personal information?



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