My Online Status

I use social media every day, as it has become an essential part of my life not only in education and communication but it is a platform for me to express my opinions and discussions online.

I am definitely visible on social network sites because I use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat regularly and sometimes on Pinterest and Tumblr. I spend 60% of the time on the Internet considering I’m at the university and at my workplace. I reveal my information depending on which social network sites because some sites make me feel that I am being controlled and watched. The content I put on the Internet is basically my username, my favourite photos, my friends’ photos and status. On social media, I hid all private information, just showing my username publicly so I got more space and felt like sharing, talking about a topic, expressing myself and criticising any issues in a comfortable way because my identity remained anonymous, especially on Pinterest and Tumblr.

But I do not have the same feelings with Facebook. When I want to post anything, I would rather go with Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest than Facebook because it has restrictions and you have someone monitor and control what you are posting. Also, Facebook keeps tracks of cookies on my devices and websites I visited before. Therefore, I am reluctant to post any information, photos and status when knowing my privacy is being violated. Snapchat is still better because the contents will disappear after few seconds, not permanent like Facebook.

To sum up, even though I engage in most platforms of social media communication, I try my best to control my content and what to put out there. I feel visible on Instagram and Snapchat and definitely not Facebook.


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