How visible am I online?

Visibility online is a topic which is constantly discussed within society. Whether it’s between friends, family or a topic to debate about in parliament. We take our online security for granted when we may not be totally secure.

trans-SEO-innovative-online-certification-solutions-google-search-engine-visibility-PPC-Melissa-HolderWhen we’re uploading content onto our social media sites, we often forget about who can see what we’re posting (well I do anyway!). Without thinking we click ‘post’ or ‘tweet’ and send it out into the world! But the question is, how many people see it?

Recently, Twitter has launched the option to view your ‘tweet activity’ where you can see how many people saw the tweet, clicked on it, clicked the media within that tweet and how many people clicked on your profile as well. This analytical data is available for each of your tweets and personally, I find it really interesting.

For example, if you were tweeting certain content that relates to the career path you want to pursue  you are able to see how many people your content is reaching out to in order to tailor your content to your followers, enhancing your public profile for future.

Although there’s a positive side to being seen on the internet, there could also be the issue of someone knowing so much about you, they are able to stalk you. There has been recent cases of people stalking people they’ve found online and a recent story where a man has been meeting women from for dates and raping them. (The full story can be found here)

Overall, there will always be positive and negative sides to being visible online however I think the way in which you post and what you post determines the view that you can have on it. But overall, you have control over what you post but not who has access.



  1. I like how you have mentioned the positives and negatives of online visibility. I tend to end up thinking its all bad so it’s nice to be reminded of the positives. It is also interesting how you mention that people don’t have a choice over who see’s what they post, because that is the illusion that is created online with all the privacy settings.

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    • Exactly! You’d think when you privatise your facebook or your twitter or instagram, for example, you’d be shutting yourself off from those you don’t want to see it. But think about the fact they can screenshot your posts and share it themselves to their friends and so on… So we can never be too sure with who does see what we post.


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