How visible am I online?

As much as I want to keep information about me online private, I know it’s not the case meaning that even with the control I have on social media sites, for example, I am more visible online than I realise.

If I was to google myself nothing on the first page comes up with anything to do with myself, however that doesn’t mean I am not visible online. I, like many of you, are on social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat which I do keep most on high security meaning. For instance my Facebook I have the security levels higher so that when people search they can’t find what I said or posted, they are only able to see my profile. This has nothing to do with what I post on Facebook but more to do with who I want to see what is on my Facebook. I don’t post information that I wouldn’t share to someone in person but that doesn’t mean I want everyone being able to see it as well.

I have always been cautious of what I post online and even more so now when it comes to going to getting jobs as it easy now for future employers to look us up. Anything that is online is available to someone that you do not know or intend to what to know but that part is out of our control. We can only control so much on what we put online and who can see it online. Once we have signed the terms and condition and gave away details such as our email address then it we are more visible online than we realise and it’s also out of our control. We consider what we post and sign up to but not what might be the consequences to signing up to something may be. We don’t consider who see our email and personal information but we consider who might see our posts and we should be considering who sees our personal information online.



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