How visible am i?

How visible are you on the internet? Do you have everything on private?

I spend probably a good 60% of my time on the internet, which is a lot considering i’m at university and have a job. I started using social media websites from the age of 12 starting off with Bebo, for those who remember! I came to Facebook at 16/17 and since then I have various accounts on the internet including an Instagram, Twitter, a WordPress blog, a tumblr page and a snapchat account. Information that I choose to put out there is my full name and what country i live in and also pictures i wish to share with friend and family. I am a very private person on social media sites only following people that i know, but nevertheless, does that mean people i don’t follow can still see my stuff if they look pretty hard?

Privacy has boundaries and these boundaries are different for everyone. Although this is what i control and put out there, there is information i have given when signing up for stuff for example my email address, home address, mobile number ect which Facebook and Instagram and many other sites sometimes ask for. We also always agree with terms and conditions without reading them! As i’ve grown older and know risks and content i should and shouldn’t put out there, my posting is sometimes limited to what i want people to see and what they should know.

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