Online Visibility: Are we the ones in control?

I’m visible  but does this make me vulnerable. Taking social networking sites for example many publish every significant detail of their lives. I always update my privacy settings making sure that only certain individuals can see my profiles. Aiming to work in the media industry there is a pressure to be on these sites, but to also make a good name for yourself so there is pressure to keep followers on twitter updated and seem like you are very much involved with social networking. I do not feel I am at risk being visible online, however I do feel a certain responsibility when making a post to be sure that’s its content meets a certain standard so nothing will be flagged or reported. Many believe that they have nothing to hide so therefore online visibility does not worry them. I believe this is not true, everyone acts differently when they are under surveillance. Even though i can control my privacy settings with governments watching it doesn’t mean i’m actually in control of my privacy.

I find it interesting how even today when we use our laptops or phones we don’t know whose watching. Who is really viewing our profiles and checking what we search online. Not sure if this provoking thought would make individuals think more about what they post online. An increasing number of federal agencies are employing sophisticated means to monitor use of social networking sites. In America alone six of these agencies are employed just to monitor social networking sites. With knowing this I feel that my privacy is being questioned I worry how much they know about me as an internet user and I’m sure the majority of the public also share this view. PC stands for personal computer but can we really call it that, when in some cases our private content is consistently being monitored.




  1. It’s interesting you mention that you mention that you are more cautious with what you post online because you don’t want it to hinder your chosen career path. That may scew the results of what we say as a group because we all want to go into the media, so we are more aware than others who are not studying it. I wonder what they think on the subject.

    I like your point which mentions that although you can control your privacy settings it doesn’t mean you have real control because of the government because it highlights that privacy was only ever an illusion online. All our data is going somewhere.


  2. I too am quite cautious about what i post on the internet, as it really can affect you afterwards in whatever way. it is funny how PC’s are called personal computers, whne really, they belong to whoever has access to the information. But yes it is true everyone acts differently when under surveillance. Enjoyed this post.


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