My Online Visibility

Social media for me has almost become a must for me to be part of. Not only because of my education, but because my social life matters on it. I like being part of different sites, but only in moderation.

My visibility on many social media platforms can vary. For example, if i google myself, the only thing that comes up is my Facebook page which is something I’m quite proud of as it just shows that i can keep parts of my life under wraps and have someone be able to simple google me and access parts of my life. To someone who isn’t my friend on Facebook, they can only view my profile picture and thats it. Being visible on Facebook isn’t necessary for me unless it is to share my opinions on serious views, which i can do by sharing posts etc, or for my course.

However, i like to stay visible on apps such as snapchat as i feel it isn’t as permanent as Facebook (although everything on the internet is permanent). The concept of 24 hour visibility on snapchat makes me more drawn to it as I don’t feel committed to it. With Facebook and Instagram i feel as if I don’t have much control on them, although with Instagram i do have the ability of privatising my page, I still don’t feel as if i don’t have much control as I do on Snapchat.

Do you feel we have much control over our visibility on the internet? Or do you feel that if we put ourselves out on the internet, that there is no such thing as being private?




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  1. I agree that certain sites require different amount of privacy. I think that we can control our visibility to an extent, to the public we can control what they see, and to the government for example to higher status’, employers ect, they go more in depth about what you post and also your privacy.

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