How visible am I?

It is a paradoxal feeling – I like being part of social media, however, I do not post on them too much. I have been using Facebook a lot less lately – it is gradually becoming boring and childish for me. I basically do not publish or share anything at all, I keep my account because it is still the easiest way to catch up with friends – which account for about 100. Regarding my security settings, I only share posts with friends, apps info are private and I don’t have my full name in my profile – which makes easier for me to hide since my name can be rather common in Portuguese.

Twitter and Tumblr, on the contrary, are two platforms I feel more engaged but for different reasons. Despite hearing that Twitter is becoming less popular, I use Twitter all the time – it is where I follow the news. Eventually I retweet something I find is worth a share and I very very rarely I put a selfie or something more personal. I am trying to use twitter more in a professional way. My account is open but I feel less exposed in Twitter than in Facebook.

I am not on LinkedIn yet, although I am considering setting up a profile soon for networking.

Talking about other social media like Instagram and Snapchat, I use neither. Particularly, I never felt like joining them and  still haven’t felt the need to do so.

Overall, I would say I am not as visible as I could be if  I were more engaged in social media. I consider myself very conscious about what I share and how I expose myself.


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