YouTube as an online community

YouTube is well known for its positive online community; especially among young teenagers. There is a myriad of YouTube personalities that you can subscribe to in order to watch their videos on a regular basis.

I think YouTube is an example of a positive community due to the fact that the people that subscribe to one person’s videos will normally also subscribe to the same other people’s videos too. For example, subscribers who watch ‘Zoella’ will also watch her boyfriend’s YouTube, as well as her best friend’s, hey boyfriend’s friends and their girlfriends. The list goes on.

This gives YouTube a huge sense of community because it is as if you know this whole group of friends, and thanks to ‘vlogs’ you can see what they do on their day-to-day life too.

Furthermore, the people who do watch these videos are able to communicate with one another on the comments of these videos and also on other forms of social media. Some of the fans also arrange ‘meet-ups’ whereby a group of fans from the same area will get together and bond over the YouTuber’s they love.

However, there are certain limitations to this online community, one being that it can seem extremely one-sided; with one person posting videos and the ‘fans’ expressing their love for this person. Indeed, these fans may argue they benefit from this community because they can get ideas from the YouTube stars when they post the likes of reviews and hauls.







  1. YouTube is a great example of a video sharing site turned online community. Many people are now obsessed with this site constantly refreshing to see if their favorite YouTubers have posted a new video and the constant race to be the first comment. I would agree that there is a very positive side to the site but i see a negative one. Once YouTubers have their audience some become lazy and lose their passion only releasing content for the money. press the like button down below guys and share this video so i know you enjoyed it.. what that really means is please share and like so then hopefully companies will notice this video and sponsor it so i can make more money which means more views for me. The YouTube community is split there is either extreme love or abuse, some comments below videos surprise just how vile some individuals ca be towards people they barely know, however no online community is perfect there will always be individuals who ruin the experience for everyone else.


    • This is so true about Youtube. Everyone’s in it for the money! However, there ares till people that enjoy making the videos. I had not realized that it was very popular until my sister said she has her own channel as well as all of her friends. With the younger generation it has become a way to communicate with each other. Although they are spending most of their time talking to a camera instead of each other. Is that a bad thing?


  2. I wonder if the those three guys that started YouTube years ago could have ever imained how big it would become eventually. It is so hard to imagine life without YouTube now.
    The example you mentioned about the vlogers, teenagers mostly is so accurate. Some of them are building a whole career with this, becoming celebrities, and everything started most of times with videos made inside their rooms. It created a new model of what being successful means – kids nowadays dream about being a vlogger.


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