YouNow not YouTube.

YouNow is a site where you can watch and broadcast live stream videos, in a sense YouTube…but live. The site which is also available as an app is split up into streaming categories such as boys, girls, DJ, pets and more; this separation of different categories allows the user to find something that interests them fast, resulting in them finding a whole group of people who also share the same interest.

The Live aspect of YouNow is what makes it so appealing for users, unlike YouTube where you have to wait for content to be released and communication with the content provider is limited as comments get lost among the sea of other contributes; in YouNow they are there in the now. This means that responses are instant; song covers are always popular on YouTube well in YouNow even more so, uses get to put in song requests and have them performed instantly right in front of them. Another great point as well is that this sight is worldwide so there is always people broadcasting 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

On YouNow there is a huge sense of community anyone can log in for free and watch broadcasts or broadcast themselves. Although content goes out live contributors seem to be very open talking about rather serious and hard hitting topics, in some cases popular broadcasters have been talking openly about their battles with mental illness, see the chat box just fill with just a stream of commets full of support for the broadcaster or sharing similar experiences asking for advice. I feel it’s a rather heart warming community; no dislike buttons on an option to send a like, love or funny gifts; You can feel this community sense as soon as you open the site.



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  1. I believe that the opportunity of being live really creates a closer bond. Chatting online can also be something more abstract than actually seeing somebody’s face. I don’t know if this type off app or website will ever be so popular, since with Periscope already existing, the “almost trend” passed after a short time. A reason for this could be that people are afraid of “improvising” by going live, so hiding behind the computer or phone without being watched is somehow a safe space.


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