Why so serious?

One of my favourite online communities is the website 9GAG. The website was founded by Hong Kong students in 2008 and as the co-founder Ray Chan states: “We wanted to make a website where people could go kill some time and have a laugh whenever they want”. The site is completely user generated and the content is shared with the whole 9GAG community. The internet memes are divided into categories such as hot, trending, fresh, geeky, GIF and many more. Users are allowed to up-vote, down-vote and comment memes. The community has its own unit of measurement (a banana), Leonardo DiCaprio is currently seen as the King and Emma Watson as the Queen.

The positive aspect of this community is of course that people go there to have a laugh or to share an awkward situation which they were in with the rest of the 9gagaers. There have been also situations were people dealing with depression and having no friend, shared their problems with the community and got a massive support.

However, as there is a large number of memes being uploaded it can happen that no one will see what you put up. A further issue is that beside 9gaga chat (which is a separate app), users can not communicate with each other directly, except commenting a comment, which can be inconvenient.


Photograph from http://www.9gag.com



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