Setting the Tune can be considered as a good online community, since there is the option of choosing what you want to scroll through (or should I say listen through), not having to see irrelevant posts.

If you are a music lover you can scroll through what is being listened to in that moment, but at the same time you can select a country to see what they are listening to out there; this is useful for finding people with a specific music interest such as Latin Music or K-pop.


Instead, if you are looking for a certain artist you can see the users listening to him or her and find new music you might like.

You have to listen to the artist before being able to leave comments, called “shouts” on their page, so you won’t risk fighting with people who criticise without having heard any song; if you want to do it anyway, then Twitter is the place for you.


The website is connected to Spotify, so once you discover a song you can automatically find it, but also the people that follow you there can see what you are listening to.


Of course, given the features I described, the community is quite limited to people with similar music tastes, but at the same time it can also not be seen as a community if you don’t want to interact with those people and simply enjoy your favourite genres.


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