One community that has flourished online for more than ten years now is PostSecret. Started by Frank Warren in 2005, the concept of PostSecret is simple: write down a secret anonymously on a postcard and send it in. However, the idea has become huge, with more than a million secrets being sent in over the past ten years. New secrets are posted each Sunday.

The community that has sprung from PostSecret is huge. People band together to support complete strangers online, knowing nothing about them except their deepest secrets. PostSecret now travels the world, doing events at universities, where people can share their secrets.

The reason this community has become so tight-knit is because of the openness. People genuinely feel like they can share anything, even if their darkest secrets will be viewed by millions of people. The secrets can range from funny to memorable to serious. Below are some examples of different secrets that have been submitted:

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I think that one of the big advantages to PostSecret is that people share very uncomfortable thoughts, but often these thoughts are fairly common. It’s comforting to see that you are not the only one feeling some of the things that get mentioned on PostSecret.

One possible disadvantage to PostSecret lies in the advantage of anonymity. Since posts are anonymous, it is difficult to reach out and help someone who is struggling, or connect on a personal level to other users of the site.

Overall though, the PostSecret community is supportive and ranges all over the world. Going to a PostSecret event in person will bring the experience to life in a way the Internet never could, so the fact that this community has now transcended the bounds of the web speak to the needs of people to talk about their secrets and let them go.



  1. I’ve heard about it before and it reminds of a similiar page, which I cannot remember the name now but it is something like “what I wish I had said” or “letters I never sent”.
    The idea is the same in the end. I guess it evidences our humane and natural need to feel that we are not alone, that we fit somewhere. I mean, when we can share our secrets by not revealing our identity we put something we are ashamed or emabrassed of. Reading others’ confessions gives the sense that we are the only ones who has done so and that it is ok to have secrets, to have a part of us that we would like to hide because everyone has.


  2. This kind of websites are so popular right now and many others do the same as PostSecret, such as Whispers or InSegreto. The anonymous state of the accounts makes people feel free to express their feeling or past experiences without the fear of being judged. This way of sharing really private info of our lives creates a sense of community where everyone can help and everyone can fin support if needed. Unfortunately this kind of websites end up being an excuse to create fake shocking story to gain more likes and it bring us to the usual question of why people feel the need of being so popular on the web.


  3. If I am honest, i’ve never heard of it and am shocked because I tend to be on the ball with social media. But what a fantastic idea! As a new user (just signed up) I can see that the community of people completely run the show – i’ll feedback what I think once I have used it more.

    Great example.


  4. I never heard of this website before, but I think it’s a brilliant idea. I enjoy these kinds of websites,because I’m nosy. But as you said it helps people connect with each other and not feel like they are the only ones thinking something. I think that’s a very good example of an online community.


  5. this website sounds like a perfect haven to let out ones deep secrets or feelings without being exposed, but anonymously. personally i have never heard of website like such before, i am more than excited to sign up now. thanks 🙂


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