Positive Community


There are thousands of communities on the internet, which include; forums, online chat rooms, game consoles, social networking sites and so on. In my opinion, a good example of an online community that is positive towards its users and its purpose is the social networking website, LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is in essence a place to connect with people who you have worked with, managed or share a common skill or interest with. It is used primarily for business, in the sense that it is a professional place to showcase yourself from a working or educational perspective. Some people say that LinkedIn is like any other online CV builder, but I think it is more than that. The website allows you to connect with people who are similar or a friend of a friend. It isn’t like your traditional social networking website as it isn’t a competition as to how many friends you have, or how much you post. It is simply designed to showcase work and find employment – which is especially good for media related jobs.

The benefit to its members are simple, include as much detail and experience as possible to help improve your online presence and the chances of being employed.

If you haven’t got an account, I urge you to create one as soon as possible.



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