Instagram is an app that allows users to share their pictures and videos, to follow friends or celebrities as well as to like and comment on other people’s posts and even message them on direct message.

However, Instagram is used not only for the purpose of following  your friends from your personal account, but to also use it as a platform where you can build  your businesses or can share hobbies and interests. There are many pages on the app which were created for the main purpose of sharing certain hobbies or lifestyle. Those are the pages that make Instagram an online community where people with the same interest can “meet” and interact with each other. Here are some examples of online communities on Instagram:

  1. The Shade Room: is a page with 3.7 million followers, where people can find the latest gossip regarding celebrities. It is literally the best page to go to if you want to find out what happened between your favourite rapper and his baby mamma drama or who are the new celebrity couple. Each post has thousands of comments made by followers where they share their views and discuss the story with each other.
  2. Kim K Lookbook: is a page dedicated to Kim Kardashian’s fashion outfits. It is perfect for all the girls who like her style and want to dress like her. Each post is a picture of Kim Kardashian or a Kardashian member that clearly shows their outfit and a description of where each outfit is purchased from.

I personally think that having such pages on Instagram is a very good way to find people who have the same interests as you. You could find a person from the other side of the world that agreed with something that you commented on Kim K’s picture and eventually follow each other and become friends. They also benefit users by doing the job for them, for example the outfit information is researched and already described for you so that if you want to dress like your favourite celebrity all you have to do is go to their lookbook page. If you want to know the latest gossips you can go to the shade room without having to spend money on gossip magazines and instantly find out everything!



  1. I feel like Instagram has become less of a community for me. I used to follow only my friends and we would exchange likes and comments. Now a majority of people I follow I don’t even know. I also feel like Instagram is sometimes one-sided. People post for themselves and comment. Especially the ones that are making money of advertisements. As we saw with Essena O’Neill most of her photos were staged and faked. Then again most people’s personas online are faked. Maybe every form a social media is just a community of fake people.


  2. I don’t really agree with you. On Instagram, you are the one that decides who to follow, you can still follow your friends only and make your profile private so that none that you don’t know can follow you or see your posts. In terms of people commenting and liking for themselves, business is business, you do what you have to do to build your brand. once again, is up to you to follow her or not to follow her. Lastly, if you feel like people are fake and you are not happy with what you see, you can always stay away from social media. Is not a need to have it, is okay if you don’t.


  3. I love the Kim k lookbook, it shows me latest trends that are “in” and what the famous family is up to. i think its a perfect platform for her to flaunt her clothing, if it wasn’t for this page i wouldn’t know where to get my latest dose from

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