Freelance Mecca

JournoAnswers is a closed group on Facebook set up to help freelancing journalists, of which the majority of the industry now are, communicate with each other, outside industries and find collaboration projects or work.

“It’s aim is to open up dialogue between writers on work related issues, to help increase income and tackle the isolation common to many freelancers”.

Started by BBC journalist and lecturer Susan Grossman the group now has over 1400 members of whom contribute to the site looking to engage, ask questions and become better at their job.

This is a brilliant idea and there are several more online communities like this over many different social media platforms. Being a freelancer has its benefits as well as its challenges, not being able to rely on a fixed income or salary can be a very daunting prospect and something we may all have to face in the future. These communities make that process easier and can benefit multiple areas of the creative media.

Another of these similar sites is Blogging Network, also a closed group on Facebook this page hopes to encourage communication between different genres and styles of blogger. By being visible on this online forum it is easier to learn from other bloggers, professional or amateur.



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