There is no doubt that Facebook is a great stage of an online communities, everyone have their own space to share or link their favorites things.It is also a good way to introduce our self and let more people know who we are.

If you are creating online content and looking to build a community, you have to get active on Facebook in your niche. Sharing the content of others. Sharing your content.

Facebook is not only for online communities , also a spaces that allowed people to interact, collaborate, share content, and learn from each other.As we know, every online communities not just provide a way to community,some people post helpful information on a regular basis to online business communities. When someone becomes regularly involved in contributing useful information in company discussions, the person can gain a good reputation in that community

People join communities because it offers them a benefit and most of the time, it can share your  joys and sorrows to other people at anytime.In addition, some customers may discuss their personal interests and everyday lives.I mean this is a good stage to share and community.

Although some of them do not often share with their parents, they want to have more personal space. You can set access rights :P.


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