As much as having a Facebook annoys me it is an online community. There is so much interaction through Facebook. You can post albums of photos that people can go through and comment on. You can also tag people in images and even posts. Tagging someone in a post seems to be the new way of using Facebook these days. The only notifications I get are being mentioned in a comment on a funny video. You can also create an even smaller community by making a group for an event or for university. There the members can see who is going to this event or university and they can make new friendships. Facebook has endless amounts of ways to involve yourself in this community.

We discussed in class today about Catfish. This is definitely one of the negative sides to Facebook. It is such a comfortable place that people get wrapped up in this online world. They are easily convinced that the people they are talking to are real. This is where many people can get hurt physically or mentally. I know I wasn’t allowed to have a Facebook until I realized that even though it’s a friendly online community that just as in every community there are dangers.




  1. I absolutely agree that Facebook is definitely tthe best example for online community as it allows global connection regardless of geographical distance, time, religions, sex…and we all contribute at the same platform everyday. In recent years, Facebook has kept improving audiences’ experience of interaction with various creative ways, the lastest change is the reaction emojis which are Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry that enables even more expressions when corresponding. It is definitely more than just a simple Like button. But also, Facebook can’t keep our personal data safe. Our private information is being shared with the third parties through the “creative development” like check-in, location services, face recognition in your pictures, the Like and Share buttons themselves as companies will track it for pop-up ads.


  2. For me personally, Facebook is a very useful community as it allows me to stay in touch with my family and friend especially the ones that I don’t get so see/speak on a daily basis. There is of course the privacy issue and the fact that whatever you post it stays online. However, I think that it is our own responsibility to think before posting something. Furthermore it is in your own power to select who you will add or accept the request from before being catfished.


  3. Facebook is a very good example of a community, although I don’t use it as much as others because of personal choice, it allows all types of media such as sound, video, image etc. Which brings everything and everyone together. For example, I have a Mix Cloud account and when I want to share my work I can do within my friendship group. What I like about Facebook is that you can choose to hide yourself if you so wish and set privacy settings to stop people who are not connected to you, from seeing personal information.


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