Youtube’s Online Community

One website that springs to mind when i think of online community other than twitter is YouTube.


I feel that YouTube brings a community together in a very visual way which a lot of online platforms don’t necessarily offer. Youtube is essentially a place where people can upload video content for a certain purpose. Many have structured their YouTube channel to suit a particular age group. For example, content creators such as “PewDiePie” who focuses his videos on gaming, and “Zoella” who creates beauty, lifestyle and fashion videos. However, both of these creators have faced challenges such as controlling what they say on the internet as they have such a mass following, many of them being younger children and teenagers. They are often seen as role models to these people, which can be very overwhelming but rewarding at the same time as some have said in their videos.

Other than this, one of the most positive influences that I have come across on YouTube is a person named Tyler Oakley. Since making his channel in 2007, he has gained a massive 8 million subscribers recently with over 535,000,000 views. One of his main ambitions is to raise money for an organisation called The Trevor Project. As he has been affected by bullying in the past due to his sexuality, he wanted to help the non-profit organisation by raising money as they help teenagers and young adults get through the same struggles as he did. On February 10, 2014 he raised $150,000, he then later extended the time of fundraising and ended up raising over $525,000. This was of course all through help with his viewers on his YouTube channel.

It really shows how powerful and positive a platform YouTube can be, as well as it being visual, it really allows a fun way of either learning or viewing your favourite genres with just a search. However do you feel that YouTube itself might die out in the next few years, or grow much larger?



  1. I think the question of whether YouTube will still be as popular in a few years as it is now is a really interesting one. For years people have been asking it but I think now YouTube has reached a plateau regarding being YouTube ‘famous’ as it’s become much more difficult for smaller YouTubers to gain an audience. This has separated the community and I believe the idea of YouTube culture regarding the viewers and content creators has been a major discussion topic in the past year or so. One YouTuber I found that sums up what I’m trying to get across is The Third Pew. He discusses the way in which viewers have begun to idolise the content creators and how ridiculous it has become. His video is here:
    and it’s well worth watching!! (Sorry for the really long comment!)

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    • I’m familiar with the third pew, I really like the way he uses his platform to get important messages across with his big audience, which people can sometimes take for granted. I do feel a divide in the YouTube community as it’s become more selfish than it was before, which might be one reason that YouTube could end quite soon in a way that it won’t be as big as it is now, but if it dies down, what will replace it, or do we have enough platforms that we don’t really need a YouTube replacement, is sites such as Vimeo enough?


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