Twitter as online community

If people belonging to an offline community need to have space and time in common, something great about online communities is that the only things you need to have are a phone, wi-fi and interests you want to share.

While I see Facebook as a place where people rather to show off their problems or selfies instead of making worthy contacts, I watch at Twitter with a different light.

On Facebook you almost feel obligated to have your mum, your old high school friends or your ex as “friend”, on Twitter instead you feel free to follow whoever you want and whatever you want. Twitter gives the chance to create a different web of contacts made exclusively by your interests and people who share them. If you like a particularly band or TV show the use of hashtags can help you to find people who follow the same band or watch the same TV show.

I personally find it a really engaging social network that can help to find nice and new people to talk with and create new friendships based on common interests.



  1. I think that twitter is a perfect example of online community. It is probably the easiest site to connect with people on as you can retweet, reply and like a post. It also has a 140 character count so no long essays! i like how a post is usually straight to the point and effortless to connect with people!


  2. I agree with you that twitter is a great engaging social network platform for us to connect with people who have the same interests and allow us to feel connected to what we like. It is a popular platform for people to feel a connection to a band or actor which isn’t replicated on other sites which give twitter the edge when it comes to connecting with others.


  3. I agree that Twitter is a great online community example, and its very easy to access it. The fact that there are trading topics, gives you something to talk about and you can even make conversations with people you have never met but find that you have a lot in common with.


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