The Student Room Online Community

Ever needed a place to vent or just complain about the struggles of university and life? Well… the student room provides just that!

logo-header     The Student Room link here.

An online community is a place on the internet where people  virtually communicate and have the same interests or likes from all around the world. Online community brings people closer together as a collective group. Students pass down their wisdom and usually give advice about student life and engage on the online debates and discussions. Although the student room is made for university, college and secondary school students, advice about relationships, home life, hobbies and trending topics are also discussed on the site. Many people feel more comfortable and open on an online community than they do in real life, the pressure to feel accepted in real life is more daunting than a virtual world. Personally i think that this site has a variety of subjects in sub forums that i use and certainly feel a part of this community.



  1. I generally like The Student Room, but I don’t think their comments are impartial. When I was doing research to find the university that could be closer to my needs, everyone was trashing this university and other ones because they were not talking from their experience but from what people they know had said. I still believe some topics are covered in a good and extensive way, it’s a useful website.


  2. In general, I think that The Student Room has done a good job in solving problems and providing advices for students at all levels. But sometime, I found it quite useless in some certain circumstances. The common questions usually got lots lots lots of answers while some special questions (only happens to you in emergency or extreme bad luck), then got only a few answers (some useful, some not) or not at all. I once stuck in the same situation about my university application submission but no reply or advices. So quite hopeless sometimes.


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