Instagram as an online community…


Instagram, as I’m sure you all know, is a photo-sharing app where users can post photos and videos onto their profiles. Users are also able to double-tap and ‘like’ other posts as well as comment on their photos. Similarly to Twitter, Instagram has a Direct Messaging service that users can send pictures to each other on and messages.insta logo

The reason I believe that Instagram is now an online community is due to the ‘cliques’ that you can find on Instagram. There’s many different types of communities that make one large one such as fitness, food, beauty, fashion, comedy and quote instagrams. All of these separate parts of Instagram build what it the larger  community.

The users of Instagram that choose to be a part of a certain community can benefit from it due to things such as being able to make friends, contacts within a certain industry, feel closer to a celebrity that they’re a fan of etc. However a downside to the communal aspect of Instagram is that although lots of people may feel included in a community there is no platform for them on Instagram to discuss what they share, like and comment on. Although if Instagram were to introduce a feature like this the app may seem too similar to other platforms like Tumblr.

I guess the main question is, how could Instagram integrate things from other apps and social media sites to make it more community-friendly?




  1. I am a instagram freak and have been for the last year or so, Although instagram is just a community to share pictures on, people still discuss on comments or messages which is setting a shared interest. The app now has an arrow that appears when you follow someone, that brings up accounts that are similar, i think this is easier to find a community in and there is also hashtags, so i personally think there is some sort of a community for everyone on instagram.

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    • I completely forgot to mention the hashtag part of Instagram! Thanks for bringing that up! But I definitely agree that they’ve made it easier to find similar instagram profiles to the ones you already follow or the ones which are similar to your own. The hashtags in particular are great for discovering interests and profiles in particular.


  2. I totally agree in that Instagram needs to do better at having community. To do this I think they have to have a section where users can communicate and show things of similar interest, not just post on their own Instagram feeds.


  3. I agree with what you’ve said about Instagram. How smaller, separate communities create one big one. Although there’s no platform for us to communicate with each other apart from our personal feeds, I still agree that’s a good example of an online community.


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