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The online community I have chosen is Flickr. I feel that it is a social media site that never gets enough credit. There are several benefits for users. Including having the opportunity to get your photos out there. By adding your photo’s to groups you can really show off your work to people that may be interested in using you as a photographer in the future. It can alo be used to find people that share your similar interests. In real life I know about 4 people that like the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but on Flickr, I have started a group which allows people to share that passion via the photos that we have taken, so it helps build friendships and relationships based on common interest too.

Flickr snap for BlogFlickr 2

Flickr also allows you to sell your photo’s through the site. Without the site, you may never find the person that wants to by your photo, but Flickr makes this possible. It also allows you to upload private photos so you can back up family photo’s from birthdays and Christmas’s for just you to see, and those you choose to share it with. This means that if your computer was to fail on you, all of your photos would be backed up on Flickr. And all this is for free!

The limitations of Flickr are minor but there is a few. There is only 1 TB of storage space allocated to each user, so you may not be able to back absolutely everything up. It is also only videos and images that can be backed up so not absolutely everything, but videos take an age to load, as do pictures if your internet isn’t quite up to scratch. Another draw back is that people could just download your images for free, however this can be prevented via adding a watermark to you pictures.


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