The Student Room

One positive example of an online community which came to mind was The Student Room which is online website/forum for students taken GCSE’s through to students at university to ones who are graduating and looking for a job. It offers advice at each qualification and allows students across the country to communicate and help each as sometimes students may learn something being explained in another way which may have been shared on the forum. It also allows students for example to ask questions about university meaning students in college applying to university can ask current students at the universities they are thinking about a question which their college may not be able to answer or it is question more students.

It is a positive online community because it allows students to connect together and help each other unlike other online communities as students use The Student Room to seek advice and help mainly in education but it can also be in other areas meaning they are able to gain advice from someone who may have been through the same situation or didn’t understanding something in a subject area.  All student from each qualification level can benefit from using The Student Room as, if they are unsure about something the chances are another student in the country has felt the same or is feeling the same thing.

A limitation for The Student Room as an online community is that it is a big forum and there is always a chance that what you may put on the forum may not be seen or no one may respond to it which can make the individual feel ignored as they felt that they go to an online community for help. People use online forums as a place of feeling they would be heard or my have the confidence online to ask something and not in person so if someone has been ignored it make knocked them in confidence, not all the time but some individual it can do.


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