Online community is a new concept of virtual communication exclusively in the 21st century that has revolutionised the way we interact with each other to a global level. Nowadays, regardless of time or geographical distances, we can still manage to blend in the crowd thanks to online community via Internet.

Online community is created based on a specific site and consists of members whom we can talk, share, post, comment, argue and discuss around a shared interest. SoundCloud can be considered as a global online music community, which enables users to upload, comment, record, promote their self-recorded music sounds. It is a platform for creativity to keep growing, self-distribution and a place where there is no limitation for music passion. Moreover, listeners can “like”, “follow”, “share”, “repost” and comment or give compliment below the audio. Also, SoundCloud links with Facebook and Twitter to reach larger audience, so the connection is wider, more and more people join in the circle and the community will be expanded.  Unlike other sites, users can record the music on the spot and post it instantly only. The best thing about this site is that you can make your own music, be creative as much as you want and a good way to market your own songs. However, SoundCloud does not provide the editing tool and effects. And you have to pay more for more upload time. In addition, SoundCloud got involved in copyright issue and “negotiate a path from digital disrupter to industry-approved streaming service, without losing the community spirit that made it unique.” (Guardian, 2015)

To sum up, this is definitely a place for musicians and for those who are fed up with music market, they can go on this website to blend in the exotic music community, listen to anonymous artists and interact with people who have the same music interests.



  1. Soundcloud is an interesting place to share musical content with other musicians or music lovers. I find it clever that it links with Twitter, Facebook etc just making everything feel more connected. The feature of being able to repost, like and share people’s content is a very easy and simple way, but it isn’t unique as i feel Soundcloud has adapted it from other sites such as Facebook in particular. But it does promote positivity between everyone on that platform.


  2. I’m so glad someone has done SoundCloud. As you say it works great for musicians fed up with the music market, however it doesn’t stop there. When I do shows at Chelmsford Community Radio, we upload them all to SoundCloud as an on-demand service for people that can’t catch the live show. Then the nature of SoundCloud is then even better as it is a way of gathering feedback for shows. In terms of a community, SoundCloud hits that criteria perfectly.


  3. I feel that SoundCloud is an example of an online community which connects people together and different people benefit from it differently. Some would use a career platform to share their own music whilst others use it as a sharing platform for music and audio but ultimately it brings people together. However does adapt features from other sites when it comes to sharing others content SoundCloud so loses a bit of originality in that aspect.


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