A social network for not-so-happy people

It’s koko.

“Koko” is an app designed to help people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression or anyone who simply wants to share their concerns about something.

The app allows you to publish anonymously and at any time you want. It does not use your Facebook or Google profile – at least for now – which is great. The idea is just to sign up and speak your mind about whatever is making you lose sleep, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a job interview, a loss, a fight with your friend… Other users will then advice and try to comfort you.

There is, unfortunately, a ‘glamourisation’ surrounding these problems nowadays. There seems to be a trend (and I honestly don’t get why) that being anxious is somewhat cool. Truth is, those who really struggle know this is a difficult aspect of ourselves to share with others. Perhaps that is why having an app that gives the chance to put our concerns out there without having to say our names is such a good idea.

One of the limitations of such community is, in my view, the lack of ‘human’ contact. The fact that I look for comfort in strangers whose names I don’t even know saddens me a bit. But there is also the other side that it is the relief and the convenience of having some sort of support available 24/7. Also, people in these communities tend to be empathetic and non-judgemental, they will probably not make fun of your concern and just tell you that you shouldn’t worry because “it is all in your head.”


A few links: http://www.wired.com/2015/12/a-new-social-media-network-to-help-you-deal-with-stress/







  1. i can see this online community benefiting a lot of people. Many don’t understand what its like to suffer with mental illness so to have a platform full of people who understand would be very beneficial. Many online communities can be judgmental so to have a place for people suffering to voice their concerns, share experiences and give advice to each other i think that’s great.i see you classified finding comfort from a stranger on the site to be negative but it can be seen the other way; discussing sensitive subjects can be hard so not knowing or having any ties to the person can be a good thing and i’m sure some may be more confident sharing their experiences because of this.


  2. Although I have never heard of this particular app, I think that having such communities is very important. Most of the time people don’t feel confident sharing their problems with people who know them out of fear to maybe be judged. However, sharing it with strangers and even realising that someone has the sam issue or feels the same as you do, can be very helpful. Great example!


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