You’ve got the power

Jimmy Kimmel is famous for using vox pops recorded in Hollywood boulevard in his show, but with viral videos like “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candies” he directly asked his audience to send him videos of them telling their kids that they ate their candies.

Given the huge vastness of his audience, the production managed to collect funny bits from kids of any age possible and very different reactions.

Since the results of the first videos were massive and the one in 2015 was the fifth year that this challenge was made, he continued with other challenges, such as “I Did Nothing to the Coffee”, “I Unplugged the TV during the Game” or “I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present”.

The unpredictability of kids makes the videos seem more real to us, the feeling that the bits are not scripted makes the viewers genuinely laugh since they trust the content.




  1. This is probably my favourite show ever. Its interesting to see that people participate in sending in funny videos just for the laughs, we see that everywhere on Facebook now, somehow a trend that everyone follows but with the Jimmy Kimmel it is specific videos or specific challenges one has to do, great choice!

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  2. It is a really great show, engaging audience through humour. Even late night shows such as Jimmy Fallon are highly loved by the audience. His setlist includes asking the audience to tweet him with the hashtag of the week eg. #IfIWonSuperbowl where loyal followers tweet back in answer example cmack823 tweeted: “I would pay Donald Trump to shave his head just to see it grow back”. Hilarious tweets get featured on national television. Great blog 🙂


  3. I think that things like this bit on Jimmy Kimmelll could give us a snapshot into the future of television. It’s much easier and cheaper to produce these audience participation segments, since the tv programs don’t have to produce the content. Also, the chance that these segments become viral is huge, which means more exposure for the network! Who knows, maybe in the future we’ll just be watching user videos on the TV!


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