YouTube has never-ending resources that allow people to get a message out into the world. Videos can be powerful and when the audience is given a chance to create their own content it creates a community. The categories of videos are endless. From video reviews to tutorials YouTube is continuously producing content everyday. The idea is in the title YOU, the audience, are given a platform to express your opinion and create content. You don’t have to be famous or even technically savvy. Those who do become famous on YouTube are still producing content influenced by their audience. With the comment section people will tell YouTubers what the will or wont watch.

Before YouTube became as popular as it is now it was even more audience based. You were once able to respond with a video. Now since taking that away YouTube is becoming more and more commercial based. Is this bad for the audience? Eventually will it be too difficult for the audience to create content?




  1. I dont think it has a massive effect on the audience or the creators of the content, yes you sometimes have the adverts at the beginning of the videos sometimes but this is not something which, I feel, will effect the audiences participation or the creatives releasing videos. Everything around us is become slightly more commercialized in some way or another and to us it just seems normal now. I feel with the change in not being able to respond to with a video could be a way of trying to push people into releasing videos on their own channel and letting the inspiration known through that rather in complete respond on someone else channel…just a thought.


  2. I completely agree with this post. YouTube is a platform made for the audience and at the same time by the audience. The audience shapes every aspect of it, especially, as you mentioned, with famous youtubers, which receive everyday suggestions and new ideas by the audience to record new kinds of videos. I have a youtube channel as well, and even if my audience is not as big as Zoella’s or Tayler Oakley’s, I feel like the contents I record are shaped by my audience that has particular requests or interests.


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