The Life of Pablo…Or was it Waves…Or Swish?…

Now I’m sure all of us know who Kanye West is by now. If you don’t then I’m not really sure where you’ve been living the past 10 years or so! But last month, Kanye’s now-wife Kim Kardashian-West took to Twitter to ask her followers what Kanye should name his album…

There had already been reports that it was going to be called ‘Waves’ or ‘Swish’ with Kanye tweeting at one point a photo of the album’s tracklist as well as the title, covered in doodles and comments from people such as Kylie Jenner and Kim.

Where audience participation comes into this is the fact that Kim used the new feature on Twitter of polls. Users are now able to create polls within tweets to ask questions and get answers back anonymously from their followers. Kim tweeted asking her followers to name the album.

As you can see, Kim put in two options for the album name in her first tweet, with ‘Swish’ gaining 55% of votes and ‘Waves’ with 45%. And in a following tweet, you can see Kim added an extra option for her followers to vote for.

This interactivity on Twitter led to Kanye’s album name being influenced by the audience. Despite him then naming it something completely different in obvious Kanye style!*

What you can take away from this example is that nowadays fans are willing to become more involved in the creative process of things. They want to know the ins and outs of how things are made, for example an album, and want to feel closer to the artist. Twitter, along with other social media, helps the fan to do this. It takes down the barrier of fan and celebrity and places them on the same platform.


*it’s a great album though, definitely go and listen to it if you have the chance


  1. Twitter is a really great example of audience participation as the whole platform is based on people participating and creating a community. The use of polls is really useful and a good way to make twitter more resourceful and worth while. A lot of companies use it, as well as you stated Kanye (no more parties in l.a is my fave.) I really do feel and believe fans want to be and strive to be more enthusiastic about being interactive and helpful to their idols. Great blog post!


  2. I think this is a perfect example. We all know that Kanye can’t be tamed by any kind of audience, but a lot of other artists have asked their fans for what their next single could be, or for choosing their album cover. I believe this creates a special connection between the fans and the audience; this really benefits the artists, since someone would be more prompted to buy an album that he thinks he somehow “contributed” to.


  3. Their has been many situations like this happening on other social media sites all of which seem to gain high interest however I do agree twitter is a strong example. Fans love to be involved and as you said it creates a special connections and bond, making fans feel apart of a something bigger…projects/community weather it be anonymous or not.People liked to be heard and feel the sense of importance.


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