I personally think that Snapchat is one of the best examples of audience participation as users are literally the ones that create the content of the app. Furthermore, everyone’s Snapchat story looks different to other’s. It all depends on the people you follow.

It consists in taking pictures or videos of your daily routine or anything  interesting that is happening to you that you wish to share with your friends/followers. Once you do that, you create a story on the timeline and your friends can view it and keep up with you daily, as the Snapchat story refreshes every 24 hours meaning that whatever you share will only stay there for one day and you can never view it again.

The app became very popular couple of years ago, as it was very similar to Instagram but the advantage it had was that you could share anything without feeling guilty that it will stay on your timeline forever or that it will still be surfing around the internet 20 years later. With Snapchat you can also choose to send a certain picture or video to a specific person or group of people without having to send it to everyone on your story. You can also choose how many seconds the content could be visible for and you can see when the person has seen it or even if they have replayed it or screenshoted it! That way there isn’t anything hidden, you can literally have control over everything. I think that due to those settings, Snapchat is perceived as more private and personal compared to other social media. Recently they have added a special filter feature that users find very fun, where you can take a selfie and put a filter that makes you look like a dog, or with a big nose, or make you look like a doll and many others as they change them often. Other benefits of Snapchat are that  there isn’t any annoying advertisement and that there is a special featured story where celebrities share their Snapchat and you can see videos of big events such as the Carnival of Brazil, the Super bow, the Grammy’s or the Oscars, just as if you was right there in the front roll! Amazing isn’t it?!




  1. First of all, nice photo, it’s very cute. I agree that Snapchat is better because of its simplicity and definitely engage more and more audience participation. 65% of Snapchat users contribute contents and 6 billion daily video views, these numbers proved a lot. I can send silly, funny selfies to my friend without feeling scared that it will be there forever, like Facebook. But I think Instagram is not so bad, too. I personally love Instagram as it creates free access, space and privacy. Your account can go private and no one can see the photos except for your friends.

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    • Thank you very much! Yes snapchat’s popularity has increased a lot in the past 2 years and is constantly improving its popularity and performance by adding new features every now and then. I personally hardly go a day without posting at least one picture or video! It literally becomes part of your life!


  2. I love snapchat, I use a lot is a really cool tool of entertainment, and all come from us the public. But is a close group that you interact with, in the end the audience is a little limited. another thing how can I be an active contribute to your selfie or something that you put on the snapchat? don’t get me wrong I really love snapchat but I think is not one of the best examples, because one of the best things about snapchat is also the worst, the things vanish, making all what you stand for, if you just putting on that app, useless.

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    • That could be one of the weaknesses for some users, but a strength for other users. Some people don’t want to have their pictures/videos on social media forever.. imagine deleting all of your pictures for Facebook rom when you were 14 years old because you hate how you looked, I mean you’d have to spend hours of scrolling down and deleting them. However, Snapchat is an alternative to the social media that we are used to. It is defiantly different from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and I guess that also helps the company attract new users with slightly different preferences.

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      • Yes is definitely a new concept that I really enjoy and I really don’t think is a weakness for users, is good for them, what I was saying as social network is a weakness because you can’t have a debate or a discussion of ideas by snapping , just doesn’t work because the information vanish, just that


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