Habbo Hotel


Habbo Hotel is an online multi player game for teenagers. The aim of this social networking platform is to communicate with friends in a vibrant, safe and fun environment. You (the user) have the ability to create an avatar which best represents you, design personal hotel rooms, purchase, trade and design furniture and participate in activities.

habbo_friendsHabbo is significantly shaped by its users, as the business works hard to include their consumers feedback in their regular updates. This includes the design of the website, the platform it sits on and how the “hotel” is run from a business perspective. Within the game, users are able to attend events to voice their own opinions, which allows the business to work closely with its target audience to ensure that young voices are heard.

In addition to the teams at Habbo working closely with their players, users have taken it upon themselves to create “fansite websites” which includes blogs, radio stations, tv channels, forums, factual information and more. Habbo neither own or operate these third party websites, they are run independently by the players of the game.

See some examples below:

Forum website
Radio Station


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