Buzzfeed community

Buzzfeed is well known for its on-line site, as well as its app and various youtube channels that all generate a great deal of traffic.  Many of its posts usually revolve around popular culture. From listicles and quizzes to the rare, more serious story.

However as well as this, there is also a section of Buzzfeed that is largely run by a form of audience participation. That is the Buzzfeed community site. On this site, avid readers are free to create any content they please. Although not all posts make it onto the site, as they are then later reviewed by editors, a great section of the more witty and relatable posts do.                                                                                                                                                                                   If you have read anything on Buzzfeed before, the chances are you have read one of the posts from a Buzzfeed reader, or ‘buzz-feeder’ as they are also  known as. Their posts are normally the ones you see on social media, and are normally witty listicles that appeal to a teenagers and twenty-somethings that focus of a range of topics from the kardashians to cheesecake.

Not only is having a Buzzfeed community whereby people can contribute as they please a very smart way for Buzzfeed as a company to generate a huge part of their content for little or no cost. But these posts are also some of the most funny and relatable posts out there. Perhaps this is because readers are interested in what everyday people post, as it is often more down to earth than what a someone who works for Buzzfeed may have to say.




  1. Buzzfeed is a uncontroversial website. Personally i find it a very interesting because it engages with their audience, posting videos like “When You’re A Girl Who Loves Food” or “You Oline vs You in Real Life” and many more, It helps the viewer connect as if it’s a rerun of their personal life events, giving it a more friendlier environment to lay on. I hadn’t heard of Buzzfeed Community before this blog. But having checked it out recently it describes itself as the “social news and entertainment company, and I am glad to discover it. Thanks 🙂


  2. I find Buzzed to be a relatable and interesting website. Also I find it interesting that the readers ‘buzzfeeders’ are able to create content that the readers themselves are interested in. I agree with what you’ve said in the blog post, about how the posts that the readers write are usually more relatable and more down to earth.


  3. I absolutely love Buzzfeed and I think it’s a great example for audience participation! And I also think the fact that there’s such such as the Buzzfeed ‘community’ that are able to post their own content is great. It makes them feel like they’re part of a huge website and if their posts are popular or even go viral, they must feel a great sense of achievement.


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