Audienece particpation or life?

Damn Daniel


Any online movement, protest or engagement with a popular topic is an example of audience participation. Without pinpointing a particular game app or website, which I think is mainly focusing on audience participation from a consumerist point of view, we can look at how people connect not with a product, but through a product/ network as a medium.

As we all know Kesha, -the creator of questionable music- is currently suing her manager, claiming that he has sexually assaulted and raped her on multiple occasions. Because of this she is asking that she is released from her contractual obligations.

News of the judges decision to block her from voiding her contract so that she can continue with her life went viral around all major social media platforms. Other examples of online controversy include #FreeTheNipple, #BlackLivesMatter and #JeSuisCharie. This is audience participation on a massive scale. Real life events are driving participation and engagement through the internet.This is real people investing their own time to participate in real life scenarios. You could argue when famous people are involved in these social media storms that the celebrity and their brand is the product we are all engaging with.

A more light hearted example of audience participation is the Damn Daniel video which exploded over twitter. Soon after many parodies of the video were uploaded as with any viral video. To be honest i’m not sure if this really is audience participation in the sense that we mean it, or whether it is just people being people. Is there any difference?




  1. Hashtags area really great and inventive way of people to connect and communicate with each other. A lot of movements have been started like the ones you have stated such as blacklivesmatter which has then gone on to make others more awake about the problems with police brutality. For me i find it easier to get information from hashtags, as well as media outlets themselves following hashtags of a certain event or problem. I feel like the damn Daniel trend is something light hearted and used for people to connect and laugh together, in a way it is audience participation, but slightly different from hashtags.


  2. I see the point you’re making here and agree with you, people are just being people. Using hashtags is, somehow, joining a trend, just as we do when we dress, when we listen to music and so on. The internet and social media just made it easier, quicker and broader. I think it relates to what we have been talking about the idea of community. In the end, we behave online the same we do in real life and are motivated by the same reasons, even if we don’t realise it.


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