Audience participation on twitter

Audience participation is seen everywhere, games, videos and mostly online. The example that I have picked out is Twitter. Twitter is a huge growing social network where people speak their minds (with the limit of   140 characters of course) and the ability to follow and access friends or other people’s profile. Photographs, videos and posts are seen (unless put on private) and also can be retweeted and shared.

HASHTAGS on Twitter is a trend created by the users. The audience participates in the newest trends or make trends themselves. This is to expose content for any audience to see. This causes communication within different groups of people creating a community with similar interests and topics. It is easy to search a certain topic just by typing in the hashtag instead of scrolling down to find it. Hashtags are not just for the use of trends but also for the use of marketing brands, movies, clothing etc. To improve reputation or create awareness of something.

 This is an example of what is trending on Twitter at the moment according to hashtags and how many times that they are mentioned in posts. Audience participation is also seen on Facebook, Google + and also Instagram. Twitter is just one of the examples that is the most popular.

can you think of any popular hashtags that have trended on twitter?



  1. Twitter is a really great example in terms of user created content, that is what Twitter is all about. And then once Hashtags are thrown into the mix, the user again decides what is trending, because the trends are determined based on user activity. My only query would be that it does not become user generated content when a marketing campaign is the hashtag. I think this simply because if it was not for the campaign it would not be trending, so it is not therefore 100% user generated content.


  2. twitter is a good example that shows audience participation not only are we all having our say but we are also creating our own content. Hashtags are a great way to find similar posts and people who share the same views or in some casing opposing views. The audience participation on twitter is massive, although this is a positive as it has built a twitter community it also means that a lot of disagreements have took place many of which are reported by the media when they are between well known celebrities.


  3. I agree with you and you made a really good point about the topic. But I think that the real audience participation in this case is not Twitter, but it is the concept of hashtags themselves. We can find hashtags nowadays pretty much everywhere and in every social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc) and I find them not only hilarious, but also useful to shape your own audience. If I post “#OMG Zayn Malik left #OneDirection” not only I create my own content, but I will also find in this way new contacts that shaped the same content as me and create a bigger relationship.


  4. Although I do not use twitter I think it is a very good example of audience participation. It is fascinating how people can make whole movements and find like-minded people with just a hashtag and reach even people who do not use Twitter-like me!


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