Audience Participation – Ice Bucket

Audience participation is really important online as it can make or break someone or something, which may be a trend or a company. We all reply on other people to participate whether it is from leading a seminar for our peers or running a company such as twitter.

The ALS ice bucket challenge was made for the audience who have access to the internet and social media platforms, to share a series of people throwing ice water over their bodies as a sign of recognition to the ALS foundation.

ALS short for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a disease that affects the nerve cells in a persons brain or spinal cord.

The ice water was in a way a short term substitute for what people with ALS actually go through. The cold water shocks the system leaving people feeling cold and unable to process what to do. More than a million people participation posting videos on Facebook and twitter and nominating people to do the same in order to raise awareness, almost like pressuring someone into doing it because it is a wonderful organisation.

The nominations of being able to “tag” your mum, dad or friends are a good way of getting the audience to participate in this as its almost guilt tripping them into doing it and if you didn’t then you were seen as a bad person and uncooperative.  It is also a good for both parties, as the person nominating it lets you see the people closest to you go through what you went through (almost satisfying.) It just shows how the audience participation it so important because the organisation raised so much money from just the recognition that it deserved.


giphy (5)giphy (6)

The gifs above are of ALS ice bucket challenges people took part in.



  1. This example shows how important audience participation can be which is what you have said. The fact that we can have an impact on charities through social media is becoming a great way to raise attention and raise money for charities as it does allow us, the audience, to take part. It is a great example of how audience participation can benefit and help others.


  2. I think the ice bucket challenge is an amazing example of the power that technology can have, and the impact that engaging the audience can have. The challenge worked so well because people felt like they had to challenge their friends and still to a good thing. I’m sure that other campaigns will use similar “challenges in order to raise money.

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  3. I love this example! Ice bucket challenge is in my opinion one of the greatest examples of how ordinary people can make a big difference. Although people did it for fun and to nominate their friends and see them ‘suffer’ the cold, the thought behind it and the whole idea are brilliant.

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