Audience Participation and YouTube.

YouTube is a great example of audience participation, the content on YouTube is made by the audience. Anyone can upload content onto the platform and have their say, as the site is not cut off to the wider community. The audience participation doesn’t stop just on the site however, many large you tubers have millions of followers on their social media networking sites too, this allows their ‘fans’ to have their say and participate in the conversation.

Many Content makers YouTube use audience participation in their favour. The more views and the larger the following the more money content makers can make, encouraging their audience to leave a comment and tweet them. As a result of the close communication between content maker and audience the videos that are uploaded are heavily influenced by what the audience want. This constant communication is something that a television network does not have, this is why I believe that YouTubers have an advantage. I would argue that in years to come YouTube will overlap with big production companies and as a result we wont be able to tell the difference between amateur and professional; we don’t need to wait for content to be produced, we can interact and have our say on the content we want.


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  1. Lucy, this is a great example of Audience Participation. I like how you have linked the youtube stars back to their followers and fans on other social media websites. This brings in a much larger audience and allows for not only the user of the product to give feedback.


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