The example that came to my mind whilst thinking about audience participation, was how the audience influences most of the content that YouTubers put up.
YouTubers over time create a particular community, a fanbase. Those are the people who watch the videos the YouTuber uploads on YouTube. Most of the vloggers, with bigger or smaller fanbases ask for video suggestions from their viewers all the time. Therefore most of the content that is being put up is influenced by the people watching the videos. Because every vlogger wants to put up content that the audience will enjoy watching and be interested in. That is why they ask the viewers to choose what they want to see.
For example a lot of YouTubers ask their viewers what they want to see for their next video, then after getting a certain amount of suggestions, they choose the most popular one. In that way the audiences voice is influential and the viewers can feel included.
That just goes to show how the audiences participation influences what content the vlogger will put up, what we are going to be watching. In that way the viewers can feel more involved  in the whole process.



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