The Kylie Jenner Challenge

When I thought of contents that have been significantly shaped by the audience, my mind has been crossed by teenagers with swollen lips and a jar in their hands. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you probably missed one of the biggest, and I would also add dangerous, trends of 2015, the Kylie Jenner challenge. As probably most of you know, Kylie Jenner’s lips have been swollen up by surgery and injections, but she did never admit it, confusing paparazzi and who ever asked saying that she used tricks and make up. Using a tool called “Fullips” indeed, your lips result plumped for few ours.


Teenagers got easily crazy and over excited about the news they could have the same Kylie’s lips and a new trend spread quickly on the internet. With the challenge, which consists in sucking a shot glass to blow up lips to double their size, I think it is easy to highlight how the audience is able to create something new and make it famous really quickly by taking inspiration from what they see on the internet. The challenge is inspired by Kylie Jenner’s lips, but the concept is totally shaped by the audience.

However, the results were not the best, and whoever tried the challenge did end up with huge painful lips and in a compilation on youtube to make people laugh, just to earn a couple of likes more than usual. Therefore, even if the audience is capable of creating new trends, and to shape contents, it is not always a good idea to follow the trends online.



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  1. Your analysis of the situation is good. The example is interesting and shows how people are so willing to take part in audience participation when they feel it is organic. Obviously, Kylie Jenner has never endorsed this viral event because its dangerous and she probably would have been sued, it came from the audience and was supported by the audience.

    Mostly it was teenagers who were taking part in the craze in order to “earn a couple of likes extra” how you mentioned, I think when people in our generation find something that is relatively funny they are motivated by audience participation. This is the same with the Harlem Shake craze, it didn’t matter that it got old pretty quickly, everybody wanted their chance to contribute and come together as an online collective.

    I think that says a lot about the perspective of the younger generation. We/ they will come together on a massive scale to support certain things, we’re even seeing this more now in politics and I think its because of the constant access we all have to the internet.


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