The first thing that came to mind when I saw what we should be writing about were the fanfictions. I know someone had already written about them but it is the best example in my opinion. Fanfictions became a big part of the online culture. Fanfictions can be mainly found at  and Archive of Our Own. These sites allow a big interaction between users and readers, giving space for writing comments, feedbacks and publish. Writing a fanfiction is not an illegal act and authors usually know when their stories and characters are taken to Fanfiction websites.

Just as a blog is a personal space where we can write about our ideas, fanfictions gave the opportunity to the fans to get more engaged to the books, movies, animes or whatever they were interested of. It shows the level of attachment an audience can develop for an story and how creative the outcome of it can be. And it is not just the audience who engages in Fanfics, but the industry as well. There is a theory that “Fifty shades of Grey” was actually originated from a fanfic of “Twilight”. I don’t really know whether this is true or not, but I can’t deny it is a big success – very profitable I mean. Fanfictions can be very good start for those wishing to be writers one day. It gives them a chance to put their material out there without much risk.


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