Fan Fiction

Fan fiction is one of the examples that engage significant audience participation and contribution. Fictional stories created by fans using same characters and settings from original work. Most of the contents of these websites are contributed by the users, they are the ones who compose, upload all stories for everyone to read and comment. The websites have engaged a large number of active participants in writing, composing and publishing online. Many famous novels have been bases for fan fiction writing like Star Strek, Twilight, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones,…Harry Potter series has over 170,000 fictions and this number shows the enormous wave of active participation.

FanFiction.Net and Archive of Our Own are the two largest fanfic websites with millions of users and stories in 30 languages that allow users and readers to read, upload, review and comment. FanFiction.Net gives authors permission to contact each other through messages and link with Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts. Not only users actively contributed to the literature world, readers can also get involved in by giving feedbacks, posting comments. And the best thing about this is unlimited age, children, teenagers and adults are all welcomed to join in the creative world. Only mature contents will be restricted for under-aged people.

Unlike other types of audience participation, there must be producers making something fascinating to attract audiences. Fanfic website’s owner just create the website and audiences will automatically take part in without motivation. Additionally, it has an advantages of spreading knowledge, new aspects in same old stories and develop imagination.


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  1. Fan Fictions are a clear result of audience participation; not only the content is created by part of the audience, but the readers of the fan fiction itself usually shape the story. The authors usually share their chapters with other friends before posting them, so this is already something influenced by the audience.
    In some cases, such as the “Destiel” pairing on the TV Show Supernatural, the show’s writers acknowledge the existence of fan fiction and shaped the characters accordingly.


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