Audience Partcipation

The audience participation resource I have chosen to look into is ‘British Touring Car Talk’. It is a Facebook based community of over 4,500 people who share a passion for the British Touring Car Championship.

It has main admin’s who have connections with the championship’s drivers who regularly agree times for online Q&A sessions within the comments of an arranged post. This throws open the opportunity to ask questions to the members of the group, meaning that it is entirely down to the users of the page/forum to decide what questions are asked and where the conversation goes.

22 Gordon Shedden26 Turkington leads race 2

9 Race 2 Start8 Pit Lane

Some fans also post images to share there experiences of events, which then promote discussion on the page/forum.

It also works as a communications group and a hub of knowledge. Popular questions asked in the forum relate to camping facilities and best places to view at circuits, as well as what time races start. As anyone has the privilege of starting a post or throwing a question to the group it really is truly ran by the people for benefit the people.

All images by me



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