Example of Audience Participation

One example of where content has been significantly shaped by its audience online is the content for vloggers, taking Charlie Mcdonnell’s as a more specific example. What most vlogger do is ask their audience for ideas for their next vlog or what they would like to see them do and cover in their next vlog. Charlie Mcdonnell’s vlogs, when he started, use to be him asking his audience so submit what challenges they would like him to next. You can watch an example of one of the challenges here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpJ3yzUPbL0

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This allowed the audience to be in control to some extent of what would be the main theme to the vlog. Charlie, like many other vloggers, would upload a weekly video then ask their viewers to suggest ideas in the comments. It is one way in which they keep up the amount of viewers they have as many will watch to see if what they have said and suggested has made the video. If it has been used the viewer will feel more involved in the video as they provided the content to an extent for that particular vlog.

What this illustrates is how vloggers rely a lot on their audience to provide content for the vlogs and without their contribution most vlogs may not be as success as they are now as the audience feel as though they are a part of the vlog. It is the audience which run and provide content for vloggers as without the audience it could be argued that vlog wouldn’t be as successful as they are now as it has become about involving its audience to be a part of the vlog and listening to what they have to say.



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  1. These sort of YouTube accounts are all about audience participation. As you say, without the audience there is no channel. However I feel that ultimately the content is only partly user generated. I think this because at the end of the day this Charlie guy who makes the videos decides what he does. That might just be me being cynical but it’s how it seems to me.


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