Would we have died if convergence was never discovered?

In late 19th century, one had probably never heard the word convergence, let alone understand what it meant, and let alone heard of media convergence. We can create our own world permeated with convergence fantasies. For example The cybertarian notion about Cyborg’s arriving soon are always just over the horizon, some believe they already are here, drawing on ancestral superstitious beliefs. In the early 20th century “apparently” radio waves moved “in ether”, a mysterious subject that contacted the dead, and cured the cancer. The natural desire to connect human’s to media technology has remained a myth of convergence.

Much of the legend is a running travesty of the true history of the convergence, media has been more theorised now. Partnered with each other, one can create a whole another dimension of creation. Each good by itself, and better with other. Jumping to current situations, passing the media phases, radio, television, internet, social media, we witness daily collaborations of convergence, before joining the university I didn’t know what that term meant but now in everything I see, I witness media convergence, be it from film to Blackboard, an easily accessible portal, where one can’t survive their whole academic year without it as you may know is opt-able through the computer, the phone, the internet. What would we do if there was no blackboard?

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